Signing of an agreement between the applicant, ADVERTISEMENT, to prepare for the stage of depression

10 July, 2021 8:21 AM

The Advanced Schools Company signed an agreement with the Advertisement One Company, a subsidiary of Al Shawaf International Company, to prepare for the company's next subscription phase.
The agreement was signed by the representative of the Advanced Company, Mr. Fahid Abdullah Al-Jaafari, Head of the Administrative Sector, and Mr. Fahd Al-Waked, the Investor Relations and Public Relations Officer, in the presence of Mr. Tariq Al-Saleh, Director of Customer Relations and Strategies at ADVERT One, and Mr. Mustafa Othman, the Marketing Manager at ADVERT One, and a number of leaders of the Advanced Schools Company.
The "Advanced Schools" owns 24 schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that have been specially prepared for education within specifications conforming to the instructions of the concerned authorities in this regard, and these schools serve more than 25,000 students through more than 5,000 employees, including teachers and administrators.
Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Haqbani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, said: “We look forward to achieving the company’s vision by continuously developing and improving the educational environment, as is customary for Advanced, with the aim of creating a high-quality educational culture for students. This offering will give us various new opportunities and options in the market to expand Our work and development, in the interest of our sons and daughters, male and female students.